Dobermann Club of Queensland Inc.

DCQ Rescue Dogs

Would you like a Dobermann but don't want to go through the 'new puppy' phase? Would you like to help out an animal that needs a new family to love and care for it? If that's you then maybe a rescue or older Dobermann is the dog for you.

Although the Dobermann Club of Queensland does not operate its own 'rescue service' ie has a dedicated shelter and program for rehoming rescued Dobermanns, the club does endeavour to assist owners, who are no longer able or prepared to look after their Dobe, find a new home for them. The DCQ also liaises with local pounds or other animal rescue services when a Dobermann has been found or rescued.

The DCQ cannot vouch for the breeding, temperament or health of these dogs. It is the responsibility of the new owner to make every endeavour to evaluate the suitability of the dog in regards to health, temperament and purity.

The DCQ also helps place 'older' dobermanns (12 months +) that members may have available. These dogs may no longer be required in a breeding program or may not be suitable to the show, obedience or agility ring. Sometimes Breeders may have a dog returned to them and cannot keep it themselves. They then look to place the dog in a suitable and loving home. If you have a loving and caring home for a 'recycled dobe', then please email RESCUE.