Dobermann Club of Queensland Inc.

WAE Walkthrough

Handling your dobe through the Working Aptitude Evaluation

The purpose of this test is to help determine if your dog has the aptitude to do the work for which the breed was intended - that of trustworthy companion and protector. We congratulate you on your willingness to test your Dobermann and hope that the following information will be helpful.

Important things to remember

You CAN talk to and encourage your dog during the test, but you cannot use obedience commands.
When you start the test loop the leash securely in your hand and keep your dog on a loose lead.
Do NOT use obedience commands.
Follow the Evaluators' directions.
Maintain a positive confident manner.
The Neutral Stranger - Keep a loose lead, stop and speak with the “stranger” while ignoring your dog
The Friendly Stranger - Keep a loose leash. You may encourage your dog to say hello.